A Recruiter Who Hopes to Make a Positive Difference for Providers

Happy new year! To kick off 2020, we wanted to showcase another one of our amazing employees, but this time we are focusing on someone from the Provider Services team. Please welcome to the page, Stephanie!

Who’s Stephanie?

Stephanie hails from El Segundo and has been a consultant with KPG Healthcare since 2018. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from San Jose State University with the notion of pursuing a career in the medical field.

During her studies, she developed an interest in becoming a Physician Assistant and once she graduated she started working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) to gain the required clinical experience. “I ended up realizing it wasn’t for me,” said Stephanie, “but I still had a strong interest in medical topics.”

Once she decided to move on with something different, she began working as a recruiter for industrial/office positions before she stumbled upon KPG Healthcare. “I wasn’t passionate about the jobs I was recruiting for, but I did enjoy being a recruiter,” Stephanie explained. Combining her passion for recruiting and her strong interest in the medical field, KPG Healthcare seemed like a perfect for her.

Skip a year and a half later, Stephanie is enjoying her time working in a supportive environment with co-workers who come from various backgrounds with different experiences and perspectives.

As a consultant for the Provider Services team, Stephanie works with practitioners from all walks of life with different backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, and practices. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a consultant to these practitioners is when she places “a provider in a position that is a great fit for them.”

“The process to find the perfect fit for a provider can be a long one, but it is worth it to see the positive effect my work has had on them.”


The challenge with being a consultant or finding the perfect fit is the lack of communication on the practitioner’s part, which impacts Stephanie or any recruiter’s ability to find the “best match”.

“I’ve found the best way to work through this is to build a strong foundation with the providers, so they are comfortable with being honest with you, Stephanie explained.

Through the challenges, Stephanie hopes to make a positive difference in her providers’ careers, “whether it’s a new graduate starting out or a provider with years of experience looking for a change.” She also wishes that her providers not only enjoy their jobs but also feel fulfilled and successful in what they do.

When Stephanie isn’t talking to her providers or finding placements, you can find her unwinding at home with a nice glass of wine surrounded by friends and family. She’s also fond of being outdoors, binge-watching television shows, putting together puzzles and hitting a pilates class! Her New Year Resolutions include reading a book a month, being more active and spending more time outdoors.

Top 3 Things to do in LA:

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Get some delicious brunch
  3. Hit the theme parks!