Candidate Feedback

Why allied professionals choose to work with us.


KPG has been a wonderful healthcare travel agency. They always remind me of anything that is about to expire, and they also set up appointments for whatever requirements are needed at each hospital. I’ve never had to worry about hours, which is a huge stress reliever. Sometimes, I get overtime. 

Justine, Rad Tech

I just want to let you know that I enjoy our work relationship. You are very professional, and you always get back to my texts in a timely manner. You’ve been really helpful in getting me work, and you always work with me with my schedule. Thank you for always keeping in touch with me to make this working relationship very smooth. Looking forward to a long and healthy working relationship. I would recommend people to work for KPG. My two years’ experience has been nothing but great. Thank you.

Minh, Respiratory Therapist

I have been with KPG for over a year now and have enjoyed every single day. Graduating straight out of college, I didn’t think I’d be able to find a job, but KPG gave me the tools I needed in order to be successful. The entire staff is so diligent and has always made themselves available at a moment’s notice when I need help. I am excited to be part of such a quickly expanding team, and I cannot wait to continue to grow with KPG! 

Shar, Medical Case Worker

Great service, friendly and supportive staff with excellent attention to detail! KPG staff took care of the credentialing work, I was able to focus on my job.

Dr. M., Radiologist

I loved working with KPG! Mark is extremely kind and professional! He listened to me, he always kept his word and he helped me get my dream job!! Mark is consistent, and he kept me motivated throughout a difficult time. Mark and the KPG team were always one phone call or text away, and I appreciate the commitment to helping me reach my goals. Mark and the KPG team definitely accomplished exactly what I was looking for. THANK YOU! 😊

Ashley, Ultrasound Tech