Holiday Traditions with KPG Healthcare!

The holiday season is in full effect and for KPG Healthcare’s last blog post of the year, we decided to focus on traditions!

Traditions are important to any person regardless of age, sex, gender, race or religion and it can be passed down from generation to generation or it can be the beginning of a new. Whether traditions are celebrated with friends, family, communities, pets, plants or the friendly neighborhood, it keeps us grounded and connected to the ones we love.

So, for our final blog post of the year, we wanted to share some of the traditions that make up the KPG Healthcare family!

Holiday Traditions by KPG Healthcare

Elaina's holiday tradition includes family and fresh powder in Idaho!
Elaina’s holiday tradition is being able to spend Christmas Eve at her parent’s house surrounded by love, gifts, and food!

Travel Nursing Recruiter

Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love everything about it. However, what I love most about Christmas time is Christmas Eve. Every Christmas Eve my whole family comes to my parents’ house for a big family dinner & gift exchange. There is nothing better than being with my favorite people, eating way too much food and laughing the night away. I’m also fortunate enough to be able to get a white Christmas every year in Idaho.

Jovi's holiday tradition is a Friendsmas!
Jovi’s favorite holiday tradition is being able to spend time with all her California friends from Northern California and Southern California at their annual Friendsmas!

Travel Nursing Recruiter

During the holidays, one of my favorite holiday tradition with my friends is Friendsmas! It’s my favorite because my friends in Northern California and Southern California come together to celebrate the holidays. There’s lots of food, plenty of catching up, a huge white elephant, and then we party the night away.

Irma's holiday tradition is being able to spend time with her daughter's and celebrate the traditions she practiced growing up.
Irma’s holiday tradition includes spending time with her daughter’s making tamales, baking cookies, and making homemade meatballs!

Vice President of Strategic Accounts

Tradition means family time and making new memories. I am blessed to have a solid family foundation and traditions such as making tamales (which we do to honor my Mom’s tradition and our heritage), baking cookies for Santa and the Elves, and making homemade meatballs (my husband’s grandma’s recipe passed down now 3 generations).  Most importantly being grateful for what we have and creating lasting memories for my daughters.

James' holiday tradition includes spending time with loved ones and playing family games.
James’ holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas decorations immediately after Thanksgiving and spending Christmas day telling family stories and playing games.

Travel Nursing Senior Recruiter

My family was pretty big on Christmas when we were children. The day after Thanksgiving, the lights would be out and the tree would be up almost instantly like clockwork. I remember having to wait for my siblings to wake up all the time since I was awake when the sun came up. They would take their sweet time and the only way for them to hurry was for me to annoy them. The presents were always great, but the thing I remember the most was during breakfast time. I don’t know what was in the food or if it was just the holiday spirits, but I remember my family being so close in the morning time talking about old stories and playing a lot of family games. We still talk about all of the old times to this day, even watch the occasional embarrassing VHS video that my stepdad filmed.

Veronica's holiday traditions are starting fresh with a new baby in town!
Veronica’s holiday traditions got a fresh new face to include in all the family picture taking, delicious food, and opening gifts!

Travel Nursing Account Manager

With a new baby in our house, my family’s first Christmas/holiday was exhausting but also exciting. There’s lots of fun family time, picture taking, and delicious food with both sets of families coming together. My mother in-law’s birthday is also on Christmas day, so the festivities never stop. We can’t wait to continue making new holiday traditions as Elle gets older, she’ll be able to unwrap gifts this year – so we’ll see how that goes!

Shea's holiday tradition includes decking her house in Christmas lights and taking professional family photos!
Shea’s holiday tradition begins with decorating the inside and outside of her house in Christmas lights and watching Home Alone.

Payroll Specialist

My family holiday traditions are decorating the inside and outside of the house with as many lights as possible, watching Home Alone 1 & 2 every day, driving to candy cane lane to see the light shows and finding snow to go tubing! 

As you can see, the holidays mean a great deal to each and every KPG Healthcare employee. From family games to family photos, baking cookies to eating cookies, traditions have and always will remind us of where we are and where we came from.

We hope your 2019 has been an eventful year full of growth, exploration and love. Let 2020 be a continuation of any success, prosperity, happiness wealth and all the love you received in 2019. Happy holidays from all of us here at KPG Healthcare!