Must-See Hikes Out of Los Angeles

Los Angeles might be one of the busiest cities in the country, but it definitely isn’t lacking that great outdoor adventure we all look for! This city is built in the valley of some amazing mountains and hills, which creates some incredible views and tourist spots that are truly irreplaceable! From Hollywood movie sets, to historical relics from generations ago, there is an unlimited number of reasons why Los Angeles is the perfect place to lace up those hiking boots and get out into nature!

Here are some of the best hikes you’ll be able to fine in and out of Los Angeles! Which one will you do first?!

1. Runyon Canyon

This trail is a no brainer and a must-do! This 3 mile round-trip trail is the best view of the Hollywood Sign you’ll get, and it’s a historical trail for all of Los Angeles. Trail of the stars and more, it’s the perfect trail to bring your adventurous animal, or just head up with a friend – but remember your water and sunscreen! This trail goes right up the mountain and is no small treck.

2. Griffith Park Trails

Just a little down the mountain is the historic Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory, but there is a little secret within its trails. This area is a must-see sight, especially if you are a fan of old Hollywood. The special attraction here will make you say “Holy Bat-cave, Batman!” That’s right, within the caves of Griffith Park is the bat-cave used as the set of the original Batman film. This small hike is worth it to even the littlest fans!

3. Malibu Creek State

Just another amazing sign of Hollywood at work. This trail goes about 5 miles around the Malibu trails and has amazing sights for the whole family. This round of trails will allow you to see some relics of Hollywood at work, with rusty jeeps from M*A*S*H and other shows around the area. Malibu is a great beach town that allows for great sights and an unbelievable hiking experience!

4. Echo Mountain

This trail will give you sights all around LA and beyond. You won’t realise how quickly you climb this mountain of winding roads until you look out and see the city below. You’ll see old relics of old rails and engine cars from years ago and realise just how times have changed! While you’re up there, enjoy the picnic area and the views, and don’t forget why they call it Echo Mountain! Find the “Echo Phone” and test your vocal chords, you’ll be amazed!

5. La Tuna Canyon

Right outside of Santa Monica is the amazing La Tuna Canyon Trails that will give you a 360 degree view of LA and its surroundings. This 4 mile trail will work you out, but the views are worth every step. The winding road will show off your skills on the hiking trail and don’t forget to give a visit to the giant “Chuck” lawn chair. This is just another photo op on your travels and another wonder of how these things get places, and who creates them. So take your time, be safe, and enjoy the views!

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