KPG Healthcare’s Travel Series: Massachusetts, “The Bay State”

Massachusetts travel series blog post

Massachusetts, officially the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and nicknamed “The Bay State,” is one of the most populous states in the New England region and KPG Healthcare’s hot destination for travel assignments!

Massachusetts is rich with American history being the sixth state to enter the Union in 1788, the Boston Tea Party, the first and oldest constitution and was the first state to legalize gay marriage. There are many firsts for America rooted in Massachusetts, which makes sense as to why this state has become a top destination for travelers worldwide.

Check out some of the great cities KPG Healthcare sends healthcare professionals below!


Boston is one of America’s most iconic cities filled to the brim with beautiful historical sites, waterfront activities, and plenty of opportunities to enjoy walking trails.

One of Boston’s iconic attractions is taking a walk along the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile-long trek that leads to 16 historic sites in American history. You’ll hit the Massachusetts State HouseKing’s ChapelBenjamin Franklin StatueOld State HouseSite of Boston Massacre and more. The Boston Common, or the “Common,” is a public park in downtown Boston dating back to 1634 and hosts America’s first botanical garden. History runs deep in Boston.

Besides American history, Boston has an incredible world-class culinary scene from fresh seafood to mouthwatering sweets. Searching for lobster rolls? Head toward the waterfront lined with restaurants full of seafood options and some of the city’s best lobster rolls. Check one of the five food halls in Boston including Time Out’s Boston MarketBow MarketEataly BostonQuincy Market or the Harvard Smith Campus Center! There is delicious food waiting to be discovered in Boston.

There are plenty of other activities to do in Boston ranging from nearby hiking trails, water activities, entertainment, museums and major league sporting events. Did we mention the nightlife is also incredible? Head to a live show, sit at a piano bar, hit up a club or go to a brewery – the opportunities for a good time are endless!

Luckily, KPG Healthcare has more than enough travel assignments in Boston for exploration!

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Nestled along the Crane River, north of Boston is where you’ll find the haunting city of Salem – home of the Salem Witch Trials.

There’s no doubt the city of Salem is full of spooky attractions, haunting sites, Halloween atmospheres and small-town vibes. If you’re a big fan of the movie, Hocus Pocus, you can visit the sites where the film was shot and can even take a tour of it! There are more spooky sites to visit such as The Witch HouseWitch Dungeon Museum and The Satanic Temple – to name a few. Take a walk along Salem’s Heritage Trail to hit all the historic landmarks of Salem including those listed above.

While Salem might be a popular destination for spooky enthusiasts, there is plenty to see and eat while visiting this thriving coastal city. Like Boston, the seafood in Salem is the top choice for dining ranging from fine dining to casual – just depends on how you want to eat your lobster roll. The culinary scene has been in development for the last decade offering visitors a wide variety of cuisine and dining experiences. The city has Italian, Japanese, Pizza (yes, its own category), quick-service, cafes, pop-ups, food trucks and desserts!

There’s something for everyone here in Salem – spooky and non-spooky.

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Across the Charles River from Boston, you will find the city home to Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), otherwise known as Cambridge.

Cambridge provides visitors college town vibes mixed in with an incredible arts & culture scene, small businesses, mom & pop shops and prestige. At the heart of Cambridge, you’ll find Harvard Square and Harvard Yard, center points of Harvard University. During the day, Harvard Square is where you’ll find cafesrestaurantsthrift shops and other nationally known retail stores. The square comes to life at night when college students come to watch street performances, have a night out on the town and get into some good ole fashioned college debauchery.

A big appeal to Cambridge is the architecture that surrounds the city center and the two universities. Harvard University, one of the oldest institutions in the country, is lined with red brick buildings, while MIT has more a modern and futuristic look to their buildings. Take a walk on each campus to enjoy the scenery, the buildings or visit the bookstore for merch.

Cambridge sounds like a great city to explore, engage and embrace as travel healthcare professionals.

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Located in the center of Massachusetts, Worcester is the second-most populous city and is known to natives as “The Heart of the Commonwealth,” or “Wormtown.”

Being in the heart of Massachusetts, visitors are surrounded by nature with farms, orchards, hiking trails, wildlife sanctuaries, golf courses and lakes to choose from. The Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary is protected land with over 1,000 acres to explore offering 12 miles of trails that take visitors through wetlands, woodlands and meadows. During the winter seasons, the Douglas State Forest provides cross-country skiing and snowmobiling through nearly 6,000 acres. So, make sure to bring your hiking shoes and gear!

The city of Worcester is the region’s largest metropolis and offers visitors plenty of opportunities to head out for a night out. Looking for a dance club? Worcester’s got it. Brewery? Worcester’s got it. Want to see headliners perform? The DCU Center Arena and Conventions Center in Worcester has got you covered. But that’s not all! Worcester is also known for its incredible theatre, arts and music where visitors can experience the culture of the region and beyond.

If you’re looking for good eats, Worchester’s culinary scene has become a hub for foodies across the nation. From American breakfast to pizza, farm-to-table to sushi, the dining options are endless and delicious! Make sure to check out Main Street in Sturbridge or Restaurant Row on Shrewsbury Street for all your hunger needs.

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