Crisis contracts come to an end – what’s next?

Crisis contracts come to an end but what's next?

You may have noticed that contract rates have been on a decline recently and that’s because many contracts from 2020 and early 2021 were “Crisis Contracts” for the pandemic. With the increased number of daily vaccinations nationwide and the pandemic slowly coming to an end, these rates have begun to come back down.


The healthcare industry is currently in a transformation stage with new positions becoming available such as vaccine administering or on-site physicians. Although the decrease in crisis rates can be disappointing, there is still good news for nurses!


What’s happening?

There is no doubt healthcare workers were hit hard during the pandemic forcing many to make impossible decisions for their safety, their patient’s safety and their family’s safety. Some nurses came out of retirement to help their communities in need, while some are now opting to retire or choosing less stressful roles. Whether you decide to continue fighting this pandemic, take a step back for your health or choose a less stressful role, the decision is yours and yours alone.


KPG Healthcare will support your decisions and will find the assignments that meet your qualifications – when you are ready.



For travel nurses, states like California or Texas will always have opportunities throughout the state because of nurse shortages. However, not all 50 U.S. states have a nurse shortage; states like Florida or Ohio have a surplus of nurses. Allied Professionals are needed to assist nurses, doctors and other hospital staff in treating patients or creating treatment plans. New roles surrounding the pandemic have opened up for physicians like COVID-19 on-site physicians.


Hospitals need to fill in the gaps in their facilities, which means more opportunities to grow your resume, earn experience, gain new knowledge and see parts of the country you’ve never been. Communities need healthcare professionals; the demand is there, and the only missing piece is you!


Contract Rates

As we mentioned, the pay rates will no longer be the same as it was during the height of the pandemic, but KPG Healthcare doesn’t anticipate rates dropping lower than pre-pandemic (states will vary).


For travel nursing, the rates during the pandemic shot up to nearly $7,000-10,000 a week for specialties like Intensive Care Unit or Emergency Room. Now, those rates are dropping back down to the $2,000-3,000 range, depending on the city and state.


Allied Professionals saw a small increase in their weekly pay for roles like Respiratory Therapists, but those rates have begun to return to normal. Allied Professionals is a broad term that covers a variety of specialties like Physical Therapy, Sterile Technician, Speech-Language Therapist, Surgical Technician and more. Because of this broad term, each specialty rate will vary but we expect it to remain the same or slightly increase.


Provider Services rates are not included.



KPG Healthcare assignment contracts remain at 8-13 weeks with the option to extend, depending on your facility. Our divisions also offer permanent positions for those who may be interested.


New roles for travel nurses have started to open up for positions related to COVID-19 such as Screening and Vaccination positions. The Nursing Division also staffs Home Health nurses nationwide as part of our latest expansion! The nurse shortages in California or Texas will always have an abundance of nurse assignments to choose from in all parts of the states.


Allied Professionals’ contract weeks remain at 13 weeks with the option to extend. Our Allied Professionals Division is expanding with new facilities and states being added monthly. Provider Services jobs skew more permanent, full-time for positions like Medical Director or Psychiatrist, but there are contracts for positions like CRNA.


Next Steps

For anyone interested in working with KPG Healthcare, the next steps would be to check out our job boards and find an assignment that interests you. You can find our job boards here: Travel NursingAllied ProfessionalsProvider Services.


Check out the job boards and if you don’t see your specialty or preferred location, email the respected division to get connected with a recruiter ASAP! Our recruiters work tirelessly to help find the perfect assignment for our healthcare professionals, with the addition of providing support throughout their journey with us.


Lastly, as the pandemic slowly comes to an end, it’s important to take time for yourself – to recuperate, rejuvenate and realign after the stressful year. Neglecting your body under the extreme circumstances that 2020 brought can lead to burnout, which can be harmful to your physical and mental health. Practicing self-care is one of the many ways to help alleviate the stress and/or anxiety that comes from day-to-day activities.


Patients, assignments and KPG Healthcare will all be here when you return. Please take care of yourself and when you’re ready to return, KPG Healthcare will be ready!