Best National Parks a Short Drive Outside of LA

How about taking a break from the city life and adventure into the wild? Living in California is pure paradise- it’s home to the most beautiful beaches, amazing cities and just a drive away from some of the most recognized national parks in the United States. From canyons and mountains to rivers and wildlife, read on and pick your next location to adventure to!

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park offers more than 800 mile hike trailhead with sights of magical waterfalls, wildflowers, and wildlife. Put on some comfortable hiking shoes and hit the trails for a full experience. There are also a ton of great biking trails to explore throughout the park. If you plan your trip for July, make sure to end the day with with some good food, music and dance at the family friendly annual Yosemite Music Festival. Wherever you travel in the park, make sure to look out for the variety of wildlife!

Tahoe National Forest

If you are a lake lover, this will undoubtedly be your favorite trip of the year. The Alpine Lakes offer great fishing, kayaking, boating and more. Bring a picnic, your favorite company and paddle out on one of the peaceful lakes. Don’t be surprised to see wild animals as this forest is home to many fur beings. Did you know that Tahoe National Forest is also known for its unique rock formations? Make sure to take a evening hike to witness the beautiful formations yourself. Last but not least, plan to camp out with a cozy bonfire and end the night with spotting shooting stars.

Zion National Park

Located in Utah, this park is known for its beautiful landscape. One of the most visited hikes in Zion is called Angel’s Landing, and it’s no surprise why so many people plan to visit this challenging hike every year. With steep switchbacks and sheer drop-offs, you need to be in good physical condition to complete this hike but it’s worth every step while you get to phenomenal lookout. Feeling adventurous enough to wade through water for a hike? You’ve got to hike The Narrows!  

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is located in Wyoming and is filled with hot springs, geysers and bears. The kicker? Almost the entire park is an active volcano. Surprise! With an eruption of more than 1000 cubic kilometers, this volcano is an eight on the magnitude scale and is actually a supervolcano. Make sure to enjoy one of many hot springs in this alive national park.  

Grand Canyon National Park

Ready for a view that makes most visitors lose their breath? Grand Canyon National Park is located at a canyon that is 277 miles long, 18 miles deep, and one mile wide located in Arizona. Talking about breathtaking! You can explore this land formation by foot, bike, donkey, jeep or water raft. Yep you heard right- ,you can plan a water raft adventure in the Colorado River at the bottom of the canyon. Another popular way to enjoy the Grand Canyon is from the air. Hop in a helicopter ride and enjoy a 360 degree view that you can’t get to by foot.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re interested in, there is something for everyone at these fantastic parks! Have you visited any of these? Let us know!