The Essential Packing Guide For Travel Nurses

Heading off on your next assignment? We know you’re eager to head off to your new destination, but after all the paperwork and interviews are finished – all that stands between you and your new adventure is the challenge of packing up the essentials!

While it sounds simple enough, it can be a challenge determining the most important items to take with you. Make the journey a little easier with this helpful packing guide!

A dependable watch

Taking a pulse with a watch that has a second hand is a huge part of the job. Make sure you have a watch that’s high quality, meaning it’s easy to read and holds up to the demands of the job like frequent hand washing.

Comfy shoes

Make those 12-hour shifts a little bit easier with supportive shoes. With good arch support, a dependable pair of shoes that you can spend all day on goes a long way. You’ll end up so happy that you invested in great footwear – you’ll be spending hours and hours on your feet, after all!

Lap top or computer

Whether you’re doing research on the job, keeping in touch with loved ones or just want to stream Netflix for some entertainment in your off hours – a computer can be a valuable tool. It can also double as a DVD player or to rent movies!

A sturdy stethoscope

An essential item to pack on your travels, a stethoscope is an important tool for any nurse! Have your own, high quality stethoscope handy for whatever the situation calls for. It might even be a good idea to have a few – working in a new hospital could cause you to forget a thing or two the first few times you’re running out the door!

An electronic reader

If you’re sick of streaming movies or can’t find a new show to marathon, take up reading! Whether it’s a Kindle or Nook, having one of these readers handy allows you to keep up on your reading without carrying the clutter of new books.


Even if you’ll be staying in a furnished apartment, having your own bedding – even just a thick mattress pad – can make catching those ZZZ’s much easier. Research any household items you might need to bring to your housing unit like cookware or linens as well!

Life on the road is daunting, but with these must-haves you can make your trip a breeze – and a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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