Ways to Thank a Nurse Today!

5 Ways To Thank a Nurse for National Nurses Week


Nurses are some of the most hardworking men and women out there. Not only do these amazing individuals work hard to protect people’s safety, sanity and well being, but they dedicate their entire lives to taking care of our loved ones. In honor of National Nurses Week, here are a few ways you can show the love:


Say it with a letter. Handwritten thank-you notes are still a great way to share your feelings and boost a nurse’s day! Don’t be afraid to name names on a thank you note. Notes from patients are valuable mementos that often get posted on bulletin boards, break rooms, and nurses stations. This heartfelt gesture is easy, genuine and will absolutely make a hard-working nurses day!

Say thank you. Start with the fundamentals. Nurses never tire of hearing those two words! Whether it comes from the patients, other nurses, or the other healthcare staff, a sincere thank you is the easiest way to really make their day. A true, raw thank you so much for everything that you do really goes a long way. You’d be amazed how often they don’t hear it!

Shout it out. Have you seen a nurse or fellow nurse do something awesome? Or just really appreciate the constant work they do? Help them out! Ask around the unit and find out who is the supervisor.. Go straight for the head honcho and speak your words! Letting a nurse’s’ boss know just how much they made your day is not only great for them, but helps them in their daily life as well.


Share some food. Nothing beats treats! Surprise that special nurse with some comfort food, whether it’s donuts, bagels or something else equally as tasty. Sometimes, nurses are so busy that they don’t really have time to sit down and eat a proper meal. Brining a tasty bite for them is thoughtful and extremely helpful for a man or woman on the run! They grab and go, so bringing a quick snack is one of the best things you can do to help out!

Be thoughtful. Whether it’s complementing their new haircut or asking them about their weekend plans, make an effort to be extra thoughtful. Nurses appreciate people who listen and make an effort to be part of their lives – it goes a long way! Whether that’s asking them about their day or their life, actually caring about how they’re doing is a thoughtful way to brighten their day.

Essential to the health of so many people, nurses are always committed to excellence. Celebrate the nurses in your life and the wonderful work they do each and every day with these thoughtful, fun tips! We are thankful for nurses each and every day, but this week is a special week dedicated to these amazing individuals. We appreciate you today and everyday, nurses!

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