5 Most Beautiful Hospitals in Southern California

The 5 Most Beautiful Hospitals in Southern California

The sight of a hospital is different for every person that encounters it – whether you’re there to save lives or comfort your loved ones, this experience means a different thing for every person that walks through the doors. While walking into a hospital is not a comfortable experience for everybody, a new generation of medical facilities is changing the face of hospitals to lift the spirits for patients and families as well as doctors and staff. Soak in the gorgeous views of these five architecturally advanced structures in Southern California!

Kaiser Foundation Hospital – Fontana, CA

The first Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Fontana, California opened its doors back in 1943, and around every ten years since then, it has undergone major facelifts to keep up with increasing demand. The latest upgrade was a brand new facility built on the compound, overseen by international architects. Not only does this facility offer a sleek, polished environment and cutting-edge medical care, but it also meets California’s much-needed earthquake safety standards. On top of all that, efforts were made towards making the hospital more eco-friendly, with attention paid to energy efficiency, water reclamation, and recyclable materials used during construction.

Children’s Hospital – Orange County, CA

You won’t be able to miss this brightly colored, eight-level Bill Holmes tower at the Children’s Hospital in Orange County (CHOC). This 279-bed state-of-the-art facility houses four Centers of Excellence- The CHOC Children’s Heart, Neuroscience, Orthopaedic and Hyundai Cancer Institutes. The striking design of the compound aimed to express a “vibrant spirit, progressive vision and a world-class sense of place.” The flair for fun continues inside the facility, as each level has its own nature-based theme, beginning with “fossils” in the basement and ending with “space” on the top floor.

South Tower Expansion for Providence Holy Cross Medical Center – Mission Hills, CA

In 2011, Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, CA created its South Tower Expansion. Tasked to head up this $180 million project, HMC Architects truly delivered. An effortlessly elegant facility, the hospital features a calming white and blue color scheme, four stories of crisp, angular structure and magnificent mosaics of ocean-colored glass. Beyond aesthetic beauty, the compound reflected its commitment to sustainability with a Silver LEED certificate – one of the first inpatient hospitals in the state of California to have that credential.

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital – Santa Barbara, CA

With an innovative healing arts collection and ‘River of Life’ fountain that flows through the gardens of the hospital’s new Spanish Colonial inpatient wing, this Santa Barbara landmark accomplishes one of the great triumphs of hospital architecture: Letting you forget that you’re in a hospital.

Opened in February 2012, the hospital’s design features natural light, increased green space and environmentally sensitive elements that are both patient – and family – friendly. In addition to being named among the Top 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals in U.S. by Soliant Health, this compound has been honored for clinical excellence. With earned verification as a Level 2 trauma center and a Level 2 pediatric trauma center by the Committee on Trauma of the American College of Surgeons, this hospital truly combines beauty and benefit.

Palomar Medical Center – Escondido, CA

Once the largest hospital construction project in America, this 740,000-square-foot, 11-story complex was built as a functional and flexible “garden hospital.” Conceptualized with advice from some of the nation’s leading health-care futurists, Palomar Medical Center is the highest ranked hospital in California.


While hospitals aren’t always the cheeriest places, a beautifully designed space can make even an extended stay feel more peaceful and comforting. Although patient care is always the top priority, many of these compounds have put almost equal care into their surroundings. Diverse in style and structure, these hospitals stand united in the care and forethought with which they were built.

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